Will You Star In the Next Google or Facebook Ad?

–by JD Sartain, CIO; November 12, 2013

Recent updates to Google and Facebook privacy policies give the companies permission to use your photos in commercial content such as ads. Users aren’t pleased—but, at the moment at least, they are almost powerless to stop it.

CIO: It’s no surprise that Google and Facebook have both mutated into 21st century yellow pages. Both are free services that use advertising dollars for operating expenses. But there has to be a line somewhere between dollars and sense—common sense; that is—to distinguish between advertising and exploitation.

Facebook kicked off the season with important updates to two legal documents: Its Data Use Policy and its Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

Chief Privacy Officer Erin Egan summarized these changes in a document titled Proposed Updates to our Governing Documents, but it’s just a brief summary of the proposed updates. The long version requires more concentrated focus.

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For details, you have to dig deeper. Essentially, the policy says, you give us permission to to use your name, profile picture, content, and information …

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