Cloud Traffic Poised to Quadruple by 2017, Challenge CIOs

–by JD Sartain, CIO; November 27, 2013

A recent report from Cisco Systems suggests that global cloud traffic will reach 5.3 zettabytes in 2017. That’s more than four times the traffic seen in 2012. Analysts and vendors say this will have far-reaching implications for enterprise IT.

CIO: Cisco Systems’ third annual Global Cloud Index forecasts that global cloud traffic will more than quadruple, from 1.2 zettabytes in 2012 to 5.3 ZB in 2017. That works out to about 443 exabytes a month, or about 476 billion GB.

More than three-fourths of that data will originate in the data center, “largely generated by storage, production and development data in a virtualized environment” and “used in activities that are virtually invisible to individuals,” the report says. An additional seven percent, “primarily driven by data replication and software-system updates,” will flow between data centers. The remaining 17 percent of this traffic will come from end users’ multimedia and project-oriented cloud services.

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