Smart Machines Cost Jobs

Smart Machines Could Cost Tech Industry Millions of IT Jobs
by JD Sartain | tech journalist | CIO | Jan 02, 2014 3:30 am

End-of-year reports from Gartner suggest that, over the next five years, smart machines could replace human workers in a plethora of industries, from manufacturing to warehousing to transportation. Is it a ‘futuristic fantasy,’ as a majority of CEOs tell the analyst firm, or a harsh reality?

CIO: A recent forecast from Gartner suggests that IT organizations in most vertical industries face “accelerated pressure for fundamental transformation.” Put another way: An organization’s survival and competitive edge depends on its ability to embrace digitalization.

“The necessity to adopt digital business models transcends all industry verticals, and its diverse impacts are creating business opportunities that were not possible in the past,” says Gartner Vice President and Distinguished Analyst Kimberly Harris-Ferrante. “Enterprises must respond immediately in order to build the right business and IT road map for future market demands.”

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Digital solutions, including smart machines, will have a huge impact on the employment market, replacing millions of jobs across …

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