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Just another journalist with news and reviews.

If you have questions or comments to share, you can email me directly at this address: jules at byjules dot net. Sorry for the inconvenience, but the free comments option resulted in, literally, thousands of spam emails, which required hours to delete.

As you can see, some of the articles on this site are submitted by other writers. If you have some news or a review to share, send it to me and, if acceptable, I’ll reprint it here. Professional journalism quality and ethics are necessary for publication on this site.

However, in addition to good reviews that praise and reward companies’ products and services, I also accept comments and reviews from abused individuals who feel they have been exploited or cheated by one of our greedy corporations. Thank you.

Education: Degree in Communications: Photojournalism, News Reporter, & Copyediting
English: Creative Writing, Grammar/Editing, & Literature
Art: Photography, Graphic Design, & Computer Graphics
Experience: 23 years, magazines and newspapers
Occupation: Freelance Journalist
Current Location: Boston, MA

For comments, email: jules at byjules dot net

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