Hillary Clinton’s Emails

The Truth About Hillary Clinton’s Emails by Jules

Attention Media:
I am sending this email to every person in the television, online, and print media that has a published email address because I am extremely disappointed and pissed off at the press for their bias AGAINST Hillary Clinton and this entire situation, which is blatantly prejudice against her and nauseating to me.

Caption: Her mistake was this: she trusted her legal advisors and support staff to advise and protect HER regarding these matters, which they failed to do.


I watched FBI Director James Comey’s entire speech and then I listened to dozens of opinions by writers (broadcast thru anchors) and journalists regurgitate their “synopsis” of his words. Since several million viewers out there DID NOT listen to the speech live, will NOT listen to it on YouTube, and WILL NOT read the transcripts, it’s VITAL that you professionals GET IT RIGHT!

FBI Director James Comey said, “THEY were extremely careless” not SHE was extremely careless. Comey also said that only a VERY SMALL NUMBER of the 110 classified emails in 52 email chains (chains are emails that circulated back and forth) were actually MARKED CLASSIFIED. The rest were NOT marked classified! If you, as journalists, GET IT WRONG and condemn HRC, then who in the world will tell the truth?

HRC said she did not send any MARKED CLASSIFIED emails. The fact that she accidently or FORGOT that a small few of them were marked classified DOES NOT MAKE HER A LIAR OR A POOR SECURITY RISK! After all, she only had 50,000+ emails to remember. AND, the White House Security Staff TOLD HER to get a State Department email address OR release her private email address so her notes would not be BLOCKED by a spam filter. They DID NOT say a State Dept email address was a policy or a law, AND they DID advise her to use her personal email address!

The “THEY” that FBI Director James Comey referred to is NOT JUST HRC and her staff. EVERYONE who received and replied to those 110 classified emails/52 email chains ARE ALSO GUILTY of transferring classified material because her email address is on every email she sent and received and it OBVIOUSLY DID NOT SAY HRC.gov or whatever the White House email server’s extension is.

So, if Comey or the Dept of Justice levies charges against HRC, they MUST ALSO charge everyone she communicated with that returned her communications! And since only a small few of the 110 emails were actually MARKED CLASSIFIED, then WHY didn’t anyone who received those communications say anything about a possible security risk instead of just responding back to her? And WHY didn’t her legal advisors or support staff that she depends on and TRUSTS to advise her on such issues say anything?

I KNOW because I was a programmer/analyst/system administrator for 13 years (half of that time was in a government position) that 90 percent of the user’s systems that I supported had NO understanding, education, or briefing regarding HOW to handle emails on their computers or their phones AND no clue regarding how the security was handled or managed. It was OUR responsibility as their IT staff to educate, monitor, and protect our email users. The SAME RULES apply to White House staff!

And it’s the MEDIA’s responsibility to COMMUNICATE all of this to the public. It’s ABOUT TIME that someone—everyone—in the press starts telling the WHOLE truth about these emails. HRC IS NOT a dishonest person and that’s likely why she makes some of these thoughtless mistakes. The same thoughtless mistakes are made by most of the Washington politicians. You know these words: Let he who is without sin cast the first stone! Compared to Trump, she’s an angel.

MANY others have used UNSECURED personal emails or email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, Bing, Hotmail, etc., and these public services are 100 times less secure than a private email server! The others Gmail, Hotmail, etc. are scanned daily for keywords and read by these companies’ employees PLUS ALL the other organizations that these commercial email providers sell their emails to!

According to Lisa Desjardins (Political Director at PBS News Hour) in 2011, Jonathan Scott Gration—the new U.S. ambassador to Kenya—sent a memo to his staff authorizing them to use private email for daily communication. The Inspector General’s report says the State Department dispatched a security adviser to tell the ambassador it was against agency policy, but Gration continued to use private email and, as a result of that and other problems, the State Department initiated a disciplinary hearing. But Gration resigned before any penalty was imposed!

Several dozen other deputies, senators, and House of Representatives personnel at the U.S. State Department have used personal email accounts and, although Gration was the only other official to exclusively use a personal account for regular department business, NONE of the other State Dept personnel were investigated, chastised, or accused of criminal intent!

Desjardins also noted that Secretary Colin Powell exclusively used an outside, personal email account to conduct State Department business. The report confirmed that Powell “did not retain those emails or make printed copies.” Powell’s team said he believed his emails could be found by searching the accounts of the State Department staffers who received them, an idea that is sharply criticized NOW that HRC said it! The State Department has continued to look for Powell’s emails, requesting to connect with his Internet service providers, but the Inspector General wrote (as of May 2016) that the department has not received a response from Powell or his staff.

The Inspector General said (in a memo sent to HRC in March 2011) that threats to and attacks on the State Department’s computers were becoming more frequent and a growing concern. The memo said there was a “dramatic increase” in cyberattacks at State since January. In November 2010, Clinton’s deputy chief of operations said her emails to the State Department workers were NOT getting through to their accounts, adds Desjardins.

THEIR RECOMMENDATION: That she consider a State Department email address OR that she release her private email address so her emails would not be BLOCKED by the White House spam filters. Clinton responded, “Let’s get a separate address or device, but I don’t want any risk of the personal being accessible.”

Her mistake was this: in an effort to protect her own privacy from Tabloids and unscrupulous reporters resulted in some thoughtless decisions regarding the protection of other “sensitive” information. But again, she trusted her legal advisors and support staff to advise and protect HER regarding these matters, which they failed to do.

SOURCE for info about Jonathan Scott Gration & Colin Powell from:
Lisa Desjardins, Political Director at PBS News Hour
Read her article here: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/rundown/5-things-you-might-have-missed-in-the-clinton-email-report/

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