Sun Stars

Where Are They Now?

–by JD Sartain, Network World; May 13, 2013

Network World: Sun was founded Andy Bechtolsheim, Vinod Khosla, Scott McNealy and Bill Joy in 1982. Sun went public in 1986 and was raking in $1 billion in annual sales by 1988. One of the brightest lights in Silicon Valley for more than two decades, Sun’s bread and butter was high-performance workstations and servers running Sun’s SPARC chips and Sun’s Solaris operating system. The company was also a staunch open source supporter.

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Among Sun’s many innovations were NFS (network file system) and Java … Notes was founded and developed in 1984 by Ray Ozzie, Tim Halvorsen, and Len Kawell, with Steven Beckhardt soon to follow. The product did not launch until . . .

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tags: Sun, Andy Bechtolsheim chief system architect, Vinod Khosla’s vision became Sun Microsystems, Scott McNealy, Bill Joy developed Unix operating system, high-performance workstations, servers running Sun SPARC chips, Sun Solaris operating system, NFS (network file system), Java, sold to Oracle in 2009 for $7.4 billion, Sun exec Mike Dillon, Scott McNealy Sun CEO for 22 years, Bill Joy released Berkeley UNIX (official title BSD-Berkeley Software Distribution) 1977, Eric Schmidt software manager at Sun 1983-1997, John Gage chief researcher + vice president Sun Science Office, Jonathan Schwartz president + CEO, Tim Bray developed Extensible Markup Language + XML chief marketing officer, Simon Phipps chief open source officer, Sun free open source projects, Java, MySQL, OpenOffice, OpenSolaris, SPARC, core developer Charles Nutter + co-lead Thomas Enebo responsible for JRuby, James Gosling lead engineer + co-author with David Rosenthal NeWS window system (Network extensible Window System), Tim Marsland Sun Fellow VP + Software CTO, Bryan Cantrill engineer + lead developer/co-inventor Sun project DTrace,

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